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Every Plane Crash From Air Disasters (Season 13) | Smithsonian Channel

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A look at every plane crash featured in Air Disasters Season 13, including the 2011 Reno Air Races Crash, Flight 780, and more.

0:00 Intro to 'Every Plane Crash From Air Disasters Season 13'
0:29 Engines fail on approach to Hong Kong
4:02 A mystery substance wreaks havoc on Flight 780
7:17 Disturbing footage of 2011 Reno Air Races crash
10:08 Was this P-51 Mustang modified to the point of instability?
12:58 Did this flight suffer from a rudder malfunction?
15:10 How an oil pressure alarm misled pilots
18:03 Plane approaches runway at an extreme angle
20:20 Did this pilot lack the training to land at Guantanamo Bay?
22:37 A plane crashes after takeoff in the heart of Miami
25:16 Eyewitnesses report a fire in one of flight 101's engines
27:27 Investigators get an anonymous tip into a plane crash
29:54 Did a faulty throttle bring down this Romanian plane?
32:58 Were Tarom Flight 371 pilots fit to fly?
35:22 A plane runs into trouble as it prepares for take off
37:57 Did strong crosswinds cause this plane to abort take off?
41:19 Investigators of flight 821 run into multiple dead ends
43:39 Was Flight 821 brought down by a 737 design flaw?
46:22 Did this flight crew have the training to fly a Boeing 737?
50:01 Did Lamia Flight 2933 simply run out of fuel?
52:54 Investigators relive final moments before 2016 crash
56:12 Why locating the four corners of a plane crash is essential
58:24 Was icy weather a factor in this plane's fatal crash?

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