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What Were The Most Devastating Firearms Through History? | War Machines | Progress

5 Views· 20/11/23
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In this episode of War Machines we look at some of the most iconic firearms in history. From the Fire Lance that started it all to the iconic AK-47, we uncover what made these weapons so effective.

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00:00 Intro
02:02 M4 Carbine
03:00 Fire Lance
04:10 Arquebus
05:38 Brown Bess Musket
07:48 Springfield 1861
09:07 Lee-Enfield Rifle
12:25 Barrett M82
14:42 M1903 Springfield
16:30 Pattern 1853 Enfield
18:07 Arisaka Rifle
20:24 M110 Sniper System
22:11 Colt Revolver
24:16 Springfield 1873
25:28 M1 Garand
28:01 Gatling Gun & Maxim Gun
30:58 AK-47
33:35 Bren LMG
35:49 M249
37:36 M16
40:30 M240
42:32 Vickers Machine Gun
44:39 GAU-8 Avenger
46:09 M2 Browning
48:23 Phalanx Weapon System

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